Date of Birth: May 31,1965
Lives in: Juliaca Puno
Favorite hobby: Travelling to Arequipa
Favorite food: Marinated Chicken
Favorite music: Huayno

Mario learned at an early age how to loom from his parents, Cristóbal and Doña, but only started making dolls in 2002 when he was inspired by a doll he saw in Cuzco and decided to make his own design. He has employs 3 family members, Lorenzo (brother), Elsa (niece), and Freddy Mamani Leon (husband of niece), from his workshop in his home and his nieces are interested in the work and help him with his weaving. Mario can produce 400 dolls monthly and hopes the wages he earns from working with fair trade will allow him to purchase a car.

Minga 2015