An iguana hugging a rock, this was made out of a tagua seed
Mini Tagua Critter
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Mini Tagua Critter

You’ll be amazed at the intricacy of these small carvings! Each piece is hand carved from a single tagua nut. Carvings come in a gift basket with a small tagua nut, making them a great grab-and-go gift. A menagerie to choose from, and our collection is always growing. Approximate dimensions: 1-1.5” x 1.5-2”.

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MSRP: $14.95

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Additional information

Dimensions 1.082 × 1.673 in



Assorted, Bear, Bear, Sitting, Bison, Brown Fish, Bulldog, Cat Sitting, Cat Sleeping, Cockatoo, Crab, Crocodile, Crocodile 2, Dino, Brontosaurus, Dino, Stegosauras, Dog, Dog, Dachshund, Dolphin, Dove, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Elephant #2, Elephant 1, Elephant 3, Elephant, Brown, Elephant, White, Fox, Frog, Frog on Log, Hen, Hippo, Horse, Iguana, Koala, Lion Sitting, Llama, Manatee, Monkey, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Mouse, Octopus, Owl 1, Owl 2, Owl 3, Owl 4, Owl Profile, Panda, Penguin, Penguin w/ Skin, Pig, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Rabbit Sitting, Rhino, Rooster #2, Rooster 1, SAMPLE, Sea Horse, Sea Turtle, Shark, Sheep, Sloth, Snake, Squirrel, Stingray, Swan, Tiger, Toad, Tortoise, Tortoise w/ Skin, Tree Frog, Turtle in Egg, Walrus, Whale, Whale #2, Whale 1, White Fish, Wolf, Woodpecker, Zebra, Dino, Parasaurolophus, Dino, Spinosaurus, Dino, T-Rex, Dino, Triceratops, Dog Beagle, Dog Boxer, Dog Chihuahua, Dog Corgi, Dog Dalmatian, Dog Doberman, Dog Pitbull, Dog Poodle, Dog Poodle Sitting, Dog Pug, Dog Retriever, Dog Terrier



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