Greeting Card
Greeting Card
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Greeting Card


A constantly changing selection of beautifully hand-crafted blank greeting cards. 10+ designs available. Made in Sri Lanka. Mr. Ellie Pooh’s paper products are 100% recycled. They are made up of 30% fiber from elephant dung and 70% post consumer paper. There are no toxic chemicals used in our paper making process. Natural vegetative binding agents, along with water-soluble salt dyes for coloring are used. Mr. Ellie Pooh’s papers are handmade, acid free and as organic as it gets.

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Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 4.75 in



A1 – Chickadee Watercolor Sketch, A10 – Bluebird Natural White, A11 – Woodpecker Natural White, A12 – Blue Jay Black, A13 – Cardinal Natural White, A2 – Hummingbird Watercolor Sketch, A3 – Bluebird Watercolor Sketch, A4 – Great Horned Owl Watercolor Sketch, A5 – Cardinal Watercolor Sketch, A6 – Goldfinch Watercolor Sketch, A7 – Chickadee Light Green, A8 – Hummingbird Yellow, A9 – Goldfinch Dark Green, Appliqué, Assorted, Assorted Birds, Assorted Butterflies, Assorted Characters, Assorted Designs, Assorted DIY Card Kits, Assorted Elephants, Assorted Flowers and Plants, Assorted Letter Press Cards, Assorted Prehistoric Animals, Assorted Zoo Animals, B1 – Butterfly Yellow, B2 – Butterfly Light Green, B3 – Butterfly Natural White, C1 – Lucas the Labrador Robin's Egg Blue, C10 – Oswald the Owl Natural White, C11 – Freddy the Fox Yellow, C12 – Eddie the Elephant Orange, C13 – Billie the Badger, C14 – Paula the Pig, C15 – Leslie the Lion, C16 – Pico the Pug, C17 – Danny the Dachshund, C2 – Chiquita the Chihuahua Pink, C3 – Pugsley the Pug Yellow, C4 – Benjamin the Boston Terrier Orange, C5 – Sheila the Schnauzer Orange, C6 – Whisper the White Cat Dark Green, C7 – Gregory the Grey Cat Dark Blue, C8 – Buster the Black Cat Light Purple, C9 – Bruce the Bunny Light Green, D1 – Curry the Snowman Robin's Egg Blue, DIY, E1 – Elephants Orange, E10 – Baby Blue, E11 – Elephants Light Brown, E12 – Elephant Natural White, E2 – Elephant Yellow, E3 – Elephant Light Green, E4 – Elephants Dark Green, E5 – Elephant Dark Blue, E6 – Elephant Robin's Egg Blue, E7 – Elephant Purple, E8 – Elephants Pink, E9 – Baby Pink, F1 – Daisy Flower Purple, F2 – Sweet Orchid Flower Yellow, F3 – Lotus Flower Dark Blue, F4 – Rose Flower Natural White, F5 – Cherry Blossoms Embellished Print, F6 – Lupine Flower Black, M1 – Guitar, M2 – Banjo, O1 – Sea Turtles Blue, P1 – Woolly Mammoth Robin's Egg Blue, P2 – Pterodactyl Robin's Egg Blue, P3 – T-Rex Yellow, P4 – T-Rex Natural White, P5 – T-Rex Orange, P6 – Triceratops Orange, P7 – T-Rex Dark Blue, P8 – Pterodactyl Natural White, P9 – Wooly Mammoth Natural White, Pressed, Q1 – Elephants Letter Press, Q2 – Monkeys Letter Press, Q3 – Owls Letter Press, Q4 – Poo Happens Letter Press, Q5 – Giraffes Letter Press, Sketch, W1 – Chimpanzee Light Green, W2 – Giraffe Dark Blue, W3 – Rhino Yellow, W4 – Sea Otter Natural White, W5 – Penguins Dark Blue, W6 – Penguins Robin's Egg Blue, W7 – Penguins Natural White, W8 – Chimpanzee Natural White, Y1 – Dolphins DIY Card Kit, Y2 – Sea Otter DIY Card Kit, Y3 – Penguins DIY Card Kit, Y4 – Sea Turtle DIY Card Kit, Y5 – Elephant DIY Card Kit, Y6 – Giraffe DIY Card Kit, M3 – Festival Llama, M4 – Unicorn



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