María Fabiola

Born: 1974
Home: Barrio San Vicente de Cotama, Otavalo, Ecuador
Favorite Food: Soups
Favorite Music: Folk

Fabric weaving is a family affair for Fabiola and her husband Luis; They both learned the trade from their parents when they were children. Initially, they used their skills to make their own clothing but once they realized they could make a living from their trade, they started their business.

Fabiola and Luis still use some looms that are operated by hand, and they also use some machine looms. All the finishing touches on their products are made by hand. They hope to expand their product offerings with new colors and new products like bags, purses and garments.

They have clients within the country and also abroad.  The local clients are mainly located on the coast of Ecuador.  They also sell to Russia, Costa Rica and the US. Because of the earthquake in 2016, sales to the coast have plummeted, which is why international clients like Minga are vital for them.

Fabiola and Luis are able to employ two additional artisans –women that work from their homes so that they can raise their children while earning a living.

Fabiola and Luis were married in 2000 and have seven daughters: Solange Jaqueline 20, Lady Naomy 18, Lindsay Nigely 15, Irma Shayana 12, Evelyn Amialy 10, Dayami Anisha 6 and Joselyn Viviana 3. The wages they earn through fair trade has allowed them to care for their children as well as their extended families. Luis´ father and brother, and Fabiola’s sister all have illnesses that make it difficult to support themselves. Fabiola and Luis are able to and help pay for their groceries and in-home care.

Updated June, 2017

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