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Luis & Maria

Working with Minga since 2014 Products: Dog Sweaters, Yarn Animal Ornaments Luis and Maria have been making dog sweaters since 1997. They have one daughter, Alicia, who has a husband, Oscar, and also a small child of her own. They create all of their own original designs. They both speak Quichua and limited Spanish, so […]

Luz Magaly

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Born in: 1977Education: Trained MusicianFavorite Food: PastaFavorite Music: Rock, PopProducts: Aluminum Jewelry and Sculptures Roberto is a trained musician who teaches music as a career but in his free time he is dedicated to his artisan craft. He learned how to make jewelry and a variety of things while working in a workshop of hippies. His […]


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Norma B

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Mr. Ellie Pooh

Mr. Ellie Pooh was founded by Dr. Karl Wald and is based in New York with hardworking fair trade artisans in Sri Lanka. Mr. Ellie Pooh LLC is an eco-friendly fair trade company making exotic gifts and paper made partially out of elephant poo! Their paper products are 100% recycled. They are made of 50% fiber […]


British designer Jackie Corlett, worked with Jharna from 1989 in a local Bangladeshi hand crafts organization. Together over 5 years as designer and pattern cutter, they worked with top European Alternative Trade Organizations designing and delivering new ranges of hand woven table linens, embroidered bags, tailored bath robes, slippers and many other accessories. After returning […]


Favorite food: ChicharronFavorite music: Romantic, folkFavorite dance: Dance of Puno, morenada.Favorite Pastime: Knitting and taking care of her children Maruja was born and lives in Puno with her husband and three children, two girls and one boy. The oldest ones are attending college. Maruja inherited her mother’s passion for knitting and likes to be in […]