José Luis

José was born in 1970 in a city called Tulcan in the Imbabura province of Ecuador. H has four children: Joffre (1993), Evelyn (1997), Marlon (2001), and Mateo (2007). Currently only he and his wife, Rosa Montenegra, are producing for the business but in the past he’s had up to seven workers. Together they make 15 different products: mortar and pestles, stone and quartz animal figurines, necklaces, pendants, and other decorative pieces. His most popular item is the mortar and pestle. Jose has been selling his products since 1989 and all of his products are made from a workshop inside his home.

José learned the artisan profession from his father, Guillermo Cuaical. He hopes to pass down this tradition to his own children and his two eldest, Joffre and Evelyn, have already started learning and are helping out in their free time.

José loves his work because he loves creating things with is own hands to support himself and his family. His greatest goal is to make sculptures that will leave a lasting impression in international markets.

Minga 2014

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