MOP Spotted Ring
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MOP Spotted Ring

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A bold ring made from spotted Mother of Pearl shell with a small circular inlay of semi precious stone. Comes with an aluminum band in various shapes and colors. Sized.

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Armando Ortiz
Working with Minga since 2004

Home: Otavalo, Imbabura Province of Ecuador

Products: Aluminum Inlay Jewelry

Born: 1972

Favorite Food: Mazamorra

Favorite Music: Bob Marley

Favorite Pasttime: Walking in the Mountains

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Eastern Jungles of Ecuador

Goals: Creating a craft/tourist center in San Rafael

Armando has been working with Minga since 2004, and specializes in making necklaces, earrings and rings. The process includes the cutting and drawing of the wood, laminating metal wire in his original designs, and using coconut and shells. He started this work when he was 18 years old, working as an assistant for six years to an artist. He then opened up his own business and has been selling his products for six years in the Otavalo market. He currently has a workshop with his five brothers. Armando says that his favorite part of the job is creating new and unique designs.

Armando and his wife Carmita have two children: Gladymir is eight years old and Cilke is seven years old. Through working with Minga, as well as exporting his unique designs to Europe and the United States, he hopes to finish building an artist center that provides a space and accommodation for artists to stay while working.


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