Abundant Stone Set
Abundant Stone Set
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Abundant Stone Set


Stone chips and pearlescent beads on clear thread. Set includes matching necklace and earrings. Perfect for prom and other formal events!


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Assorted, Black, Brown, Moon, Navy, Pink, Purple, Tan, White, Blue, Red




Manuel Mesías Viracocha
Working with Minga Since: 2005

Home: Otavalo, Imbabura Province of Ecuador

Products: Jewelry with Alpaca Silver, Stone and Glass

Born: 1971

Favorite Music: Christian Music

Favorite Dance: Chichera

Favorite Vacation Spot: Visiting Family

Goals: Building his own home.

Mesías is a jewelry maker who specializes in alpaca, semi precious stones, and a glass form called murano. As a result of a childhood injury that left his knee permanently damaged, Mesías was unable to work alongside his parents on the family farm. He was hired as an apprentice in a leather artisan’s workshop where he was able to sit and work. Since then, Mesías has opened his own workshop and has three workers: Cristina, Marcia, and Ruth, who have worked for him for three years. With the wages he has earned as an artisan, Mesías was able to purchase the materials to build a humble home in Otavalo for his wife and four children.


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