Mercedes E

Working with Minga Since: 2010

Workshop: Lima, Perú

Products: Stamped Leather Goods

Mercedes and her husband, Pablo, started their business in leather shoes and accessories over 30 years ago. They first started in Ayacucho where Mercedes was studying, but had to move the business to Lima because of the increased violence of the Shining Path terrorist group. They maintained their business in Lima for 12 years, but had to close because of inflation and the generally poor state of the economy. For many years thereafter, Pablo worked as an administrator and Mercedes sold clothing. In 2005 they decided to start up their business once again. They now have eight workers in their workshop in Lima and are known for high quality as well as interesting designs and colors in the leather. Mercedes comments that it has been hard to start up again and the sales are still low, but they are working hard to promote the products and gain clients.

Mercedes and Pablo have three children: Alexis is 30 years old and helps with designs of the product; Raquel is 27; Denis is 21 years old. Mercedes hopes that her children continue to study and that the business continues to grow.

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