Luzmila & Bolivar Chico

Luzmila & Bolivar

Luzmila and Bolivar live in Otavalo, Ecuador with their three children, David Estevan (22), Lizbeth Marita (18) and Alison Katerine (13). They work with Minga, making scarves and shawls knit from alpaca, cotton and acrylic blend yarns. Bolivar learned his craft from his grandparents when he was little, knitting by hand, and Luzmila learned to knit from her parents. Luzmila states that being an artisan gives her the freedom to take care of her kids and raise them from home. Bolivar says that selling to international clients has helped them to improve their products because of higher expectations. He says, “the experience is very nice…it isn’t just about selling, it’s about making friendships.”

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