Minga 2023 Open House

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Planning is critical when running a small business. Many of us have business plans, marketing plans and sales plans.  But what about Strategic Partnership Plans? In this Session you will learn why strategic partnerships along with proper planning can help amplify your business results. Key take-aways will include: 5 steps to developing a Strategic Partnership Plan, Examples of ways to partner successfully in your business, Learning about successful strategic partnerships from fellow session participants.

Presenter: Julie Verdon

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Learn how to build your customer base and maximize sales. Create meaningful engagement and capitalize on social media for next to nothing.

Presenter: Courtney Kubley

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Enjoy a complimentary meal and get to know one or two artisans in our breakroom or join an outside table with new friends (weather permitting).

Same as above, just 45 minutes later. Don’t worry hot things will still be hot and cold things will be cold!

Learn how to run a Pareto analysis, sometimes also known as the 80/20 rule. Is 20% of your inventory behind 80% of your income? Key take-aways will include how to calculate your true top-stock, and take meaningful action to improve turns and income.

Presenter: Kieran T. Holland

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Brush up on purchasing strategies from the Umbrella Concept to Pairing. Participants will also learn how to link and find synergies between purchasing and selling and how to better buy to maximize sell through using reliable and tested strategies.

Presenter: Jim Gittings

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Join staff and colleagues for the very best view of the lake – a cruise!

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Coffee, tea, water and lemonade as well as snacks will be available at any time throughout the day. If we don't offer, don't hesitate to ask. Personal bags and purses aren't allowed in our warehouse. They can be left in a secure office or your vehicle. 

All Presenters will be available for one-on-one time to answer questions and help with any business concerns. 

Visit with artisans and learn in person how their handmade creations take shape.

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Join the party! This event provides incredible bang for your buck, but space is limited. RSVP today to secure your spot!

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