How Strategic Partnerships Can Help Grow Your Business

Featured Presentation by Julie Verdon

Julie Verdon, a buyer and training specialist with decades of experience, will provide her tips for developing unique partnerships that help you cross promote your business.

Join us August 21-23 at our warehouse in Lake Geneva, WI to hear her presentation.

About The Speaker

Based in the Greater Cleveland Ohio area, Julie Verdon’s career expertise includes:

Non-Profit Programs, Museum Store Management and Training Program Development for Retail Store Management.

Her Specialty areas include Sales, Marketing, Community Partnerships and Program Development. Julie currently facilitates research programming and serves as a consultant on the topics of small enterprise merchandising and marketing. Julie has been a fine art gallery and Maker Business Owner and has a passion for collecting and enjoying fine art and crafts, supporting makers and visiting Museum Stores.

You'll Gain Specific Insight On:

Are you ready to apply these tactics in your store?

There will be multiple talks each day, but space at the open house will be limited. Help us plan accordingly, and save yourself a seat for Julie’s presentation. 

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