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Step into a world of ethical luxury with our Fair Trade Large Blanket. Crafted with care and expertise by an artisan family we know well, this 100% acrylic blanket not only offers year-round comfort but also carries the warmth of fair trade principles. Every thread is woven with purpose, ensuring you snuggle responsibly in a blanket that brings comfort to the wearer and the skilled artisans who crafted it. Elevate your customers’ comfort with ethical luxury that goes beyond warmth—it’s a statement of conscious living.

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“One of the things I love most about Minga is their bulk price breaks. It encourages us to buy more, and when we stack 'em high, we watch 'em fly, as we all know.”

Kate - Fair & Square Imports

“I love purchasing from Minga due to their revamped website that makes it easy to place orders, and we usually get the product within one business day. They make a variety of kid's goods we can't get elsewhere!”

Kieran - Ten Thousand Villages State College

"I've been buying from Minga for over 10 years...I feel like I can go to Minga to fill each of the product categories in my store. They ship quickly, the quality of the items is very strong, and I feel proud to partner with them.”

Teresa - Pura Vida Worldly Art

"I like ordering from Minga because they offer a wide variety at good prices. Whenever we place a larger order with Minga, I know there will be something for everyone in there.”

Ruth - Just Fare Market

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Source Our Large Blanket

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