Artisan Demonstration:
José, Stone Craftsman

José will be joining us from Ecuador! He will be sharing more than 30 years of experience carving stone into valuable goods such as stone turtles.

About The Speaker

Jose was born in 1974, in Cuenca, Ecuador. He is a skilled artisan known for creating marble figures. Jose has been involved in the craft for an impressive 40 years. His journey in craftsmanship began at the age of 19 when he started working with his sister, Rosita Brito, and her husband at their marble crafts workshop.

Initially, they focused on producing marble turtles, which were sold to a local neighbor who collected crafts from various workshops for both domestic and international markets. Over the years, Jose Luis and his family have expanded their range of products and have created approximately 50 different figures. Currently, they specialize in crafting large-sized turtle sculptures for Minga.

The workshop is a family affair, with a total of nine individuals involved. Besides Jose Luis, his wife Maria Magdalena Tenesela Palacios and their seven children play an active role in the production process. Additionally, they hire four temporary workers during times of high demand.

do you recognize these?

Jose's Products

Marble Mortar and Pestle

The Marble Mortar and pestle has been a staple among Minga’s catalog since it was first sold in 2018. It boasts a useful and beautiful silhouette, and comes in a variety of colors.

Perhaps what José will be most well-known for among our customers are the stone turtles. José is the artisanal force behind these products! These include the Marble/Onyx Stone Keychain, many more Marble/Onyx turtle figurines.

Would you like to meet José, and learn about his craft and experiences in person?

There will be multiple talks each day, but space at the open house will be limited. Help us plan accordingly, and save yourself a seat for José’s 

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