Woven Grass

The grass is dried, bleached or dyed in wooden tanks.


Wool is shorn from the animal, washed, spun, and dyed. Woven or felted wool has been used since the the domestication of sheep and goats by the earliest civilizations. Before shears, the wool was removed by hand or with combs.


A variety of different South American woods are used in our products.


Tagua nuts are found inside the spiny pod of the Tagua tree, which is indigenous to the South American countryside. Each pod can weigh up to 80 lbs. and contain 40 to 80 individual nuts. In Spanish, these pods are called “mocochas”. The scientific name of the Tagua plant (Phytelphas aequatorialis) means “Elephant Plant”. Tagua […]


Soapstone is soft and easy to carve. It has been used for carving for thousands of years. best paper writer


Serpentine is common beneath the oceanic crust, where it forms by the shifting of the mantle rock peridotite. Serpentine is widely used as a jade substitute and ornamental carvings.

Semiprecious Stone

We offer a variety of semiprecious stones in our jewelry including leopardite, chrysacola, serpentine, onyx, aragonite, turquoise, angelite, red jasper, mother of pearl, sodalite and mahogany obsidian.


These seeds are harvested from the South American jungle. They are then dried in the sun, polished and dyed in several colors for our Jungle Jewelry.


Mined in Cuenca, Ecuador.

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