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Solid Plaque Bracelet

This bracelet is made of highly polished, richly dyed tagua on elastic. Beads are approx. 1.25" X 1.5" (please allow for size variability due to the organic nature of this item).

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Tagua Bracelet

Artisan: Andrés & Juanita Flores

Country: Ecuador

Materials: Tagua
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Home >> Products >> Jewelry(14) >> Tagua(245) >> Solid Plaque Bracelet

Many South American families still practice the entire traditional wool-making process, which includes:hand-cutting, washing, carding, dying, and weaving which can take several days.

The Ecuadorian Panpipe dates back at least 2000 years.  Made of varying lengths of cane or bamboo tied together in a row-it is called rondador, after the night watchmen who played the instrument on their rounds.
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